Let me start out by thanking and welcoming you to my humble world. This is my first blog, but I have many things to share. I've worked for an acupuncturist, a high-end jewelry company, went to school for music business, was an assistant/manager/stylist and girlfriend to an independent artist turned actor turned overall entertainer, and now I work for the post office as a clerk and do some consulting and contract writing on the side. 

Again thank you and enjoy!  click here click here---THINGS YOUR POSTAL CLERK WISH YOU’D STOP DOING NOW!!!

The Back of My Beyond By "Kandis Leshun" 


This inaccessible place is deep within screaming to be took out of confinement. 
This uninhabited beyond has not yet been explored. 

The isolation of my thoughts scares my soul. Desolation, forlornness, and heart ache thrive in the back of my beyond. 

Am i sad because solitariness, seclusion, and abandoned thoughts need to be exposed to find the back of my beyond. 

This unaided path could show me what i need to see. Unaccompanied thoughts of past struggles, obstacles, and plans lies in the back of my beyond. 

So I'm closing my eyes and ready to concur this place of my thoughts, solitude and withdrawal. 

I'm finding my path to the back of my beyond.